Stop singing … start being!?

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Stop singing … Start Being!?

As a teenager I loved that old school Delirious? song History Maker. I remember screaming out at the top of my lungs believing every word in my heart …

I’m gonna be a history maker in this land
I’m gonna be a speaker of truth to all mankind
I’m gonna stand, I’m gonna run
Into your arms, into your arms again
Into your arms, into your arms again

historymakerGood times!

But what ‘land’ was I gonna to be making history in and to whom was I gonna be speaking truth? If I’m honest I think I just thought it would all suddenly fall into my lap at some point and God would do all the hard work and …  I’m sad to admit it … I would get all the glory.

Hmm not great!

So perhaps my teenage experience is worth chucking in the bin and settling into a more sensible ‘adult’ expectation of … not much.

But perhaps there was something in that teenage heart crying out to God. Surely we are supposed to be people that make a difference, impact those around us, change the world. I guess as I’ve got older, I’d love to say wiser but probably more foolish would be more accurate, I’ve realised that we have to do some hard work. It’s not that God needs us … he’s pretty good at getting stuff done … but it’s his delight for us to get involved in his mission to this world. Not just this but WOW he has a very big mission for this world. If God is real (which he is) and God is love (which he also is) and his mission is the whole world (yep) then our mission is to show the world that real love.

Ok cracking but what does that mean on Monday morning when I’m tired grumpy and not exactly feeling close to Jesus? It just all seems too big! Where do we start? To whom do we go? How do we go about it? I so want to be a history maker but what’s my bit?

Bill Bright (Campus Crusade) and Loren Cunningham (YWAM) had a simultaneous sense from God His heart was to impact the world by impacting all of what they called the seven mountains / spheres of society. These seven mountains are:

  1. Business
  2. Government
  3. Media
  4. Arts, Sports & Entertainment
  5. Education
  6. Family
  7. Religion

God has been speaking to us at REBUILD about these 7 mountains. At REBUILD our focus has been on just one of these spheres … religion. Most of our time effort and expertise has been spent trying to do our little bit equipping the church to reach what many have called the missing generation. But God has challenged us to broaden out!

We need to be working together to support each other to reach EVERY one of these 7 mountains and transform these worlds with ‘Good News’ for that sphere. That isn’t just people becoming Christians in that sphere but is SO much wider than that! Good News means seeing a whole culture changed by Gods mission to this world.

And that is where REDISCOVER has come from.100

Our heart is to gather together young adults who know they are called to be history makers. Know that they are called to change the word and know that their life is supposed to make a difference! We will have an amazing time together in worship and being inspired by some awesome preachers … watch this space for details … BUT THAT ISN’T ENOUGH!

Our heart is to create a space for you, out of a great experience with God, to explore your bit. We’ll look at :

  • What is your current reality … discover what sphere(s) you are called to influence and what are the challenges of that call?
  • What could be … hearing from people who have lived on the mountain that you feel called to influence to get vision for what you feel God could do!
  • What will be … with help from someone who has seen God do significant things in that sphere you will make a plan for how you are going to live out your calling.

We’ll also set you up with people who have a similar call who you can journey with.

Friends … it’s time to stop singing and start being history makers

ps … you can book on here 😉

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