God cares for me

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This year I did Form with St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia, Sheffield. Over the year I stepped into many things but the main thing I learned was how much God cares for me, how much he rejoices and delights over me and how much he has to say and give to me. I learnt that I have no need to feel shame or guilt, that Jesus took that all away when he died on the cross. This knowledge has gone from my head and deep down into my heart, my bones even!

I’ve learnt that I have a powerful voice and that God is going to place me in situations where I’ll really need to use the voice and words he’s given me to see His kingdom come and to see Him glorified. I’ve learnt that a family where you feel safe is one of the most important things in gaining freedom. And I’ve learnt that I have a specific calling on my life to go and reach out to the lost and broken of my city and the world. I’m looking forward to the Rediscover conference as it will be a great place where I can learn from, and hear, faith building stories from matured and experienced followers of Jesus, who do mission to the broken of my world.

I can’t wait to meet people my age who have hearts that are broken for the same things as me. People who are running after God’s calling on their lives and desperate to see change in broken lives around them. People who don’t want to just sit and watch but get out there and build family and community. But most of all, I’m excited to see whose lives God will use me to change and how those people will step into a life of fullness and freedom, as co-heirs with Jesus Christ.


Book on now for Rediscover.

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