Fridges and Trees – Adam and Eve

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I’ve been trying to loose weight recently and to do that I’ve decided that I can no longer avoid the dreaded word ‘diet’. Nothing too fancy I just decided I probably needed to eat less to be less. The only snag is that I rather like food. I sometimes find myself sat in the kitchen looking at the fridge and pondering what glorious fat filled wonder might be lurking inside. Then the weirdest thing would happen … the longer I would sit next to the fridge imagining the contents of it the more likely I would find myself demolishing the entirety of it including the out of date ketchup! Even though I had decided I wouldn’t … I would.

I have decided to write a little series of blogs for the Rebuild family on key bible characters and pick up discipleship lessons from their lives.

So I thought we’d start with Adam and Eve.

Ahh Adam and Eve … where did it all go wrong?! Well with a bit of fruit from a tree I suppose. I have often wondered why God wouldn’t let Adam and Eve eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I mean why shouldn’t they know? It’s not like realising they are naked was a bad thing after all … even the guys in heaven seem to have kept their kit on so why would that be a bad thing?

It seems to me that the answer is in Gods question to them following their fall … ‘who told you you were naked?’. God doesn’t tell them their not naked or not to worry about it he’s simply concerned with how this knowledge was acquired. Adam and Eve were always designed to know good from evil otherwise how would they have been Gods representatives on earth. It’s just that the person who was going to teach them all these things in safety and the right time was their loving Heavenly Father. God could have taught them all about clothes without shame ever having been a part of the story!

Adam and Eve were created for an adventure of discovery with God exploring his creation and learning how to be his representatives in it. BUT … they chose to try and replace God with themselves and find it all out without him.

But why did I start this whole story by unloading my struggle with dieting?!

Adam and Eve had a whole garden to explore, to discover, to adventure within … but where did they hang out? Under the one tree that God told them to go nowhere near. All too often I think we do the same. Through the cross we are restored as Gods representatives on earth given a mandate to explore, discover and adventure with him. But all too often we sit ourselves under the tree of the few things he says ‘that’s not a good idea’ to us about and wonder why we always pick the fruit. We don’t flee temptation by trying to sit in front of a fridge telling yourself no! You flee temptation by allowing God to take you on the wild adventure he does have for you that’s well away from that tree!

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