Filling us to overflow

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10730872_10152322291827680_8726816626751303515_nI have been thinking a lot recently about the challenge upon us to tell people about Jesus. This is a challenge that we often grapple with, I often see us either frustrated because we aren’t seeing anyone come to know him or feeling guilty because we didn’t ask to pray for that person we knew God was telling us to. I think the battle we are faced with is not striving or feeling guilty because we aren’t seeing what we want to but still remaining hungry for more. There is always more in the Kingdom of Heaven; we are going from glory to glory. This is exciting & good news, but often it can make us feel like we have to do more, we have to get to that place, we have to work harder. However I think there is a sweet spot, that spot where we have a revelation about God and suddenly all we can do is share it, or when we feel so full of Him something within us has to do something with it, can’t hold onto it. I want to tap into that source where mission & love flows out of us rather than us having to try hard in our own strength. I don’t have all the answers yet – all I know is when we access that place something shifts and it’s no longer about us, it’s all about Him & His love.

I think He is calling us back into the secret place and I don’t mean that we now have an excuse not to do mission; this isn’t an either/or situation. I feel like He is calling us back to the intimacy of the secret place so he can fill us up and keeping filling us, so we overflow into every part of influence in our lives. I think the only way to remain in that place of revelation of fullness is to remain, to abide in that secret place with Him. Psalm 91 says; ‘He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty’. Out of this place I believe we have a greater impact and we are more effective because suddenly we are solely relying on Him to fill us up to overflow. That overflow is where people taste the presence of God.

Have we lost the vision for mission? Have we lost the excitement to share the gospel, to share the most amazing news? I know at times I definitely have. However I am positive that God wants to fill us up again until we overflow with his presence. I believe He wants us to be excited about mission, excited to love people and if that’s not your reality right now – that’s okay – but He wants to fill you up with fresh excitement & vision. Come back to the secret place. I think that once we are overflowing with Him, mission isn’t an hour slot on a Thursday evening, mission is our lives. Wherever we are, wherever we work, whoever our friends are, they are impacted by this overflow and although outreach sessions are great & I love them, that isn’t all mission is. So let’s take some time today to let God fill us to overflow again and let it pour out onto whoever you come into contact with.

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