A Life Laid Down

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God has been calling me deeper into His heart (as always) but this time it feels different, it feels more like sacrifice than ever. Kings Kaleidoscope have a new song and one of the lyrics says, ‘Living for experiences I romanticize’. Hearing this for the first time I felt incredibly challenged. Previously, I would have said I felt like I had given up a lot to follow Him and although that’s not necessarily false, my eyes were opened to how much more He is asking me to give up. This doesn’t feel like He is robbing me of all my dreams and all the desires of my heart. It feels like the giving up of stuff that I know actually won’t satisfy me or giving up stuff, so that He can give me way better experiences.

How often does my mind turn these worldly desires into the goals of my heart, how often do I romanticise a life of having nice bags, nice holidays, a nice home etc? And obviously none of those things are bad and we can still enjoy them, however they are not what will satisfy me. Of course that is nothing new, I know I should be living for God always, I know that I need to be sacrificing my life for God. But despite this, we/I still allow the enemy to make these things so attractive, more attractive than the life given up for Him. I often find this is not a conscious thought; it’s the sub-conscious that catches me off guard, the comparison to other people’s lives, looking at people’s lifestyles and feeling jealous or envious. He has been teasing these things out my hands and showing me how much more is the life that is laid down for Him. How much more does He give us, not necessarily physically but spiritually. The life He has called us to is not always pretty, it’s not always glamorous, it’s not always easy, but honestly neither is the worldly lifestyles that we look at enviously. The difference is, we get to do it with the knowledge of who our Father is and we gain a purpose and an identity as a result.

When we romanticise that life full of worldly desires and things that ultimately won’t satisfy us, we are believing lies about the reality of that lifestyle. It’s not what it seems, people are broken, hurting and lonely. Ultimately the only thing that will satisfy us is Him. Today, allow Him to be the one that satisfies you, lay it all down again for Him today and everyday. Make a decision to choose Him in every circumstance, He is a good Father who will never fail you.


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  1. Oh I am blessed,
    Oh Lord and Eternal Father,daily will I lay my life to You as a sacrifice to You upon the altar of my heart.Lord i pray that it might rise to
    You as a sweet smelling aroma pleasing and acceptable by You.

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